Friday, April 20, 2012

EXPOSED - No such thing as a Miracle Cure

Day 21 Health Activist Writers Month Challenge

Today's prompt: Miracle Cure. Write a news-style article on a miracle   cure. What’s the cure? How do you get the cure? Be sure to include a disclaimer  ;)

I would love a "miracle cure" for my cwd (children with diabetes), not to mention my mom's MS, friends with cancer, asthma, autism, severe food allergies, and so many more chronic illnesses. However, there is no such thing as a miracle cure. No amount of cinnamon, vitamin D, fad diets, moss from trees in the Amazon, or magic fairy farts will cure diabetes or other chronic illness.

What will cure diabetes and other chronic illnesses is hard work, advocacy, research, and dedication from scientists, governments, patients and physicians. In the meantime those with chronic illnesses should and will continue to be vigilant, involved, educated, and hopeful.

A cure will come when more people follow the words and actions of people like Tom Karlya. I mention his because I love his tag line more than any other "In It To End It" and he is always out there working hard to put an end to diabetes.

That's all I have to say about that.


  1. I have 2 Type 1's as well. We've been "in it" for 20 years now. My son Cody was 4 when he was diagnosed and my daughter Lindsey was 7. 20 years is a long time...They are 24 and almost 21 now. I want a cure for them....there are no words to describe just how badly I want it to be so.

  2. Thanks for the comment Lisa. Our club sucks 2x as much. Find me on Twitter @momof2t1s

  3. I also have two T1 children and so is my husband. We are so hoping for a cure!!! Wouldn't life be different???