Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To Pin I Go

Day 16 Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge

Today's prompt was to create a pinterest board for my health focus. Pin 3 as many pins as I feel are appropriate. What did you pin? Share the images in a post (hope you aren't breaking some copy right law) and explain why you chose them.

I love Pinterest. I mean I really love Pinterest. I have collected a plethora of fabulous ideas for: teaching (although I am not currently teaching full time - Ill be set when I go back), cooking (I have used these pins), organizing (I haven't used these), crafting (used some) and of course laughter - so much laughter available on pinterest.

Unlike my home or my life I have organized my boards. I have: Products I love, Makes Me Think, My Style, Books I Love, Things I Want to Try, Recipes I Want to Try, Classroom Ideas, Makes me Giggle, All Things Harry Potter and now Health Focus. Some of the pins overlap and thus are pined to multiple boards. The Pins I currently included on my Health Focus board came from other boards. I did first try to search "diabetes" to see if there were pins out there I wanted to include but most that came back were jokes about how John has diabetes - I hate that pin.

So without further adue here are the pins I choose to include on my Health Focus board:

You may recognize this gem from my homepage. It is my favorite pin. It is something that I try to remember daily and share with others. You will see it again on the 26th.

Another absolute favorite -
"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things,
and no good thing ever dies" Shawshank Redemption
(No I can't make it through a blog post without including a movie reference)

I NEED this as a key chain or necklace and my birthday is coming -
feel free to tweet my hubby @Durbur with a link.
I often feel scared, weak and not so smart - It is nice to be reminded that what I think of myself and who I really am are not always the same.
Thnak you Winnie the Pooh for all your wisdom.

Do this everyday.

Never argue with John Wayne
I used to believe that courage was not being afraid. I was wrong.
In the last few years I have learned that:
"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of it"
Bruce Lee (also a man not frequently argued with)

I will not pretend that I have my crud together all the time. I will not pretend I can do all that must be done for my children, my home and my husband all by myself all the time (even though I try and asking for help is very difficult for me). I stumble and fall often, I get overwhelmed, I am so very tired so much of the time and when all the things that I try to do get to be too much I get a little crazy. It is at this point I need to remind my family and friends to....

I love Alice - I'd like to say I am like Alice but I'm not, I just wish I was. While she is unconventional and adventurous. I am safe and so very conventional.
We do have this in common though.

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  1. I sorta dropped the ball on the HAWMC :/ But I LOVE LOVE your pins on here. All very awesome sayings. Nicely done. :)