Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update to this untitled unintentional post: Read at your own risk - may induce a headache.

I got a new laptop it is a Macbookpro I like it very much so far but a moment ago it changed the color of my font on my blog so now I am testing it to see if it will do the same thing again and while I was typing this little test message I realized I haven't used any punctuation so now I am playing a game with myself to see how long I can keep typing without accidentally putting punctuation in this little paragraph of mine the worst part will be when anyone tries to read this little message not that I plan to actually post the message it was just to test that the font color was correct before i started to amuse myself with the lack of punctuation which by the way if very difficult to do I have to concentrate very hard not to put a period or other punctuation in this little message and now I am thinking of how this message is somewhat like my life lately it seems everything is just running together with no clear ending or beginnings and that can be a difficult thing to manage and thus it is likely why I am playing this silly punctuation game with myself at nearly 1230 hours when I should actually be sleeping but I am waiting on a blood sugar for my sugarboy so I am staying up until 0100 hours to recheck him now it seems I have proved my point to myself that I can type continuously without using proper punctuation so no my game is done hope you have enjoyed this annoying little exercise in stubbornness.

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  1. Girl, you're a dork. :D But you did use a period - at the very end. Kuddos for making it that long.