Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(sort of - if you haven't figured it out yet I'm not a wordless kinda gal)

The owner of the Greater Austin Area Wendy's has Type 1 diabetes. His own son was dxd a few years ago. He has been supporting the JDRF for I don't know how long with these awesome coupon books. The coupon book has 4 coupons each good for a small frosty. The cost of the coupon book is $1 and all proceeds go to the JDRF mission to find a cure for diabetes.

Back in 2009 (before the adorable young man seen above was dxd) my own little Sugarboy was on the cover of the coupon book. I can't find the cover that we saved but I do have one of the window decals

The most frequent question I get during this time of year (while I am plastering Facebook with reminders for people to go purchase a coupon book) is "Why would they give frostys to help cure diabetes, that doesn't make sense." To which I reply "People with Type 1 diabetes can eat everything you can eat they just have to check their blood sugar and take insulin for it." 

Wish all the Wendy's across the nation would participate.

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